Noelani Reynolds & Elijah Miller - (Based on a true story)

 (Author's note: not all events or interactions are canon. They are simply there to add detail and to show the dynamic between the characters.)  Let me start from the beginning… There was this boy I'd met as a kid, when I was old enough to know that my parents weren’t doing so well, but not enough to understand why they always brought over my dad’s friends’ son. I never really understood why we saw him so often yet so little. We usually had to hang out around the parents, and sometimes I would try to be nice and invite him into my room to play. Eventually, I began to notice that he usually came over when my parents were fighting, and would stop talking to each other for the rest of the week. I knew they had issues, but as a child I’d never known how bad it was. The relationship between Theo Miller and Vannessa Robinson was rocky at best.  At some point I noticed that he wasn’t around as often, and only came over around the holidays. I hadn’t thought about it much before, but I

Your Soul of Paradise by Nathaniel Krow

 It’s raining today, Hope you’re doing okay, In that friendly home of yours, Or that aura you carry where it never pours, The calming river you are, The flowers that never wither, Springtime sweetness and Sunshine smile, The heat from my heart pounding, running a mile, Leaves fall in the Autumn breeze, Cool shadows form as the clouds shed their tears, Gentle stream singing to the sky, As storms cry and I shiver in the cold, Winter’s stars and bright Moon, Dancing constellations calm my anxiety, Lullabies sung to me by the whispering wind, Rays of loving light soothing my pain, The seasons so fun with You, All singing about your caring smile and gentle eyes, This place I rest in, lost in thoughts about you, Your distinct scent and embrace bringing me here, To the Island of Paradise you are, A place where we never have to worry, About time or pain, Your light carries the darkness away, Embracing it in understanding, Turning hurt and stain, Into wind and rain, Where the scars of our pain,

Lake of Regrets by Nathaniel Krow

  There will be hard times, Depression and disaster, But listen to the wind chimes, And time will fly faster, We all need someone’s help, A comforting shoulder to cry on, Someone to hear our yelp, From the depths of our colorless pond. A lake where all our fears reside, A place where there is nowhere to hide, A chain, rope, a string that is tied, A place where we all have cried, The nightmares we have of the monsters we fear, The dark depictions and deaths of those so dear, Heartpounding terrors and Abandonment of Time, The loss of trust and knowledge of our crimes, Nothing will ever be easy, In this place of discord, This life of regret, But all we need is friends, lovers, A way to feel safe and push on.

Gray - A Poem Inspired by the movie/book "The School for Good & Evil"

    Gray (Inspired by the School for Good & Evil) Simple life may seem bare, With all the farm and drunks and hay, But not all these stories are fair, For the books you read have more to say, Beyond these dreams of love and fate, Lies a dark and powerful lust and spite, Though Evil is meant to kill and hate, Good can twist and turn and learn to fight, Both have potential to be equal together, To learn to love, to hate, to understand, Without promises of Heavens and Nether, All you need is to take my hand,  "No!" Said thee, "To hate and to loathe is my nature, And to hope I will one day be free, Of this turmoil and self hatred and constant torture!" "But we can free you, my dear, Of this trouble you face, But you must be willing to listen and hear, And calm thyself, sloweth thy pace." The promise of freedom and promise of death, Neither can be trusted, for neither are available without consequence,  Save your energy and save your breath, Everyone is str

More Than Friends by Nathaniel Krow

  The surprise of this year And the shedding of tears The day you asked me If we could be happy I said yes with a smile And the next day my heart ran a mile As it always had with you You make my heart race At an unbelievable pace I hope I make you happy too I love you so much Your smile and your touch Your hugs and cuddles Dry up the rain and puddles Your scent and warmth Are something calming to me Like a gentle breeze from the North Or a relaxing cup of tea I'm glad to have met you Your wonderful, sweet soul Now it's us two Your love was my goal It'll be hard So I've been told But a broken shard We can once again mold I love you more than you'll ever know That none can ever say how much Not even Poe

Grey by Nathaniel Krow

Grey, a reflection of my feelings today. Smile, it’s the only thing you can do for a while, And it’s like they say, “It’s Scary, What A Smile Can Hide,” Because it’s true, believe what you may, A grin is as deceitful, as a turning tide, These feelings I have, will never disappear, For the problems I face, are always here, I play by ear, but not just in music, But even then, it’s not all acoustic, They go about life, their eyes filled with Black and White , And here I stand, Grey clouds in my sight, The time of day does not change, for the clouds are everlasting, It’s all really strange, like an improper casting, I thought I was alone, in my difference, My suffering and pain, and all their ignorance, Yet here you stand, beside me holding my hand, Shining brightly, holding on so tightly, As if you knew my smile, my style, Was a mask of my pain, my past in my brain, Your colors battered by the rain, running off of you looking to stain, You look at me with those bright and beautiful eyes,

Requests Anyone?

  Hello! As promised like, a bit ago, here is somwhere where you guys can make requests! Though, please note that these take time, and if you do make a request, that I will need a bit of detail of what you want. So, to make it easy for everyone, below is a template that will help with making a request :D