Your Soul of Paradise by Nathaniel Krow

 It’s raining today, Hope you’re doing okay, In that friendly home of yours, Or that aura you carry where it never pours, The calming river you are, The flowers that never wither, Springtime sweetness and Sunshine smile, The heat from my heart pounding, running a mile, Leaves fall in the Autumn breeze, Cool shadows form as the clouds shed their tears, Gentle stream singing to the sky, As storms cry and I shiver in the cold, Winter’s stars and bright Moon, Dancing constellations calm my anxiety, Lullabies sung to me by the whispering wind, Rays of loving light soothing my pain, The seasons so fun with You, All singing about your caring smile and gentle eyes, This place I rest in, lost in thoughts about you, Your distinct scent and embrace bringing me here, To the Island of Paradise you are, A place where we never have to worry, About time or pain, Your light carries the darkness away, Embracing it in understanding, Turning hurt and stain, Into wind and rain, Where the scars of our pain,

Lake of Regrets by Nathaniel Krow

  There will be hard times, Depression and disaster, But listen to the wind chimes, And time will fly faster, We all need someone’s help, A comforting shoulder to cry on, Someone to hear our yelp, From the depths of our colorless pond. A lake where all our fears reside, A place where there is nowhere to hide, A chain, rope, a string that is tied, A place where we all have cried, The nightmares we have of the monsters we fear, The dark depictions and deaths of those so dear, Heartpounding terrors and Abandonment of Time, The loss of trust and knowledge of our crimes, Nothing will ever be easy, In this place of discord, This life of regret, But all we need is friends, lovers, A way to feel safe and push on.

Gray - A Poem Inspired by the movie/book "The School for Good & Evil"

    Gray (Inspired by the School for Good & Evil) Simple life may seem bare, With all the farm and drunks and hay, But not all these stories are fair, For the books you read have more to say, Beyond these dreams of love and fate, Lies a dark and powerful lust and spite, Though Evil is meant to kill and hate, Good can twist and turn and learn to fight, Both have potential to be equal together, To learn to love, to hate, to understand, Without promises of Heavens and Nether, All you need is to take my hand,  "No!" Said thee, "To hate and to loathe is my nature, And to hope I will one day be free, Of this turmoil and self hatred and constant torture!" "But we can free you, my dear, Of this trouble you face, But you must be willing to listen and hear, And calm thyself, sloweth thy pace." The promise of freedom and promise of death, Neither can be trusted, for neither are available without consequence,  Save your energy and save your breath, Everyone is str

More Than Friends by Nathaniel Krow

  The surprise of this year And the shedding of tears The day you asked me If we could be happy I said yes with a smile And the next day my heart ran a mile As it always had with you You make my heart race At an unbelievable pace I hope I make you happy too I love you so much Your smile and your touch Your hugs and cuddles Dry up the rain and puddles Your scent and warmth Are something calming to me Like a gentle breeze from the North Or a relaxing cup of tea I'm glad to have met you Your wonderful, sweet soul Now it's us two Your love was my goal It'll be hard So I've been told But a broken shard We can once again mold I love you more than you'll ever know That none can ever say how much Not even Poe

Grey by Nathaniel Krow

Grey, a reflection of my feelings today. Smile, it’s the only thing you can do for a while, And it’s like they say, “It’s Scary, What A Smile Can Hide,” Because it’s true, believe what you may, A grin is as deceitful, as a turning tide, These feelings I have, will never disappear, For the problems I face, are always here, I play by ear, but not just in music, But even then, it’s not all acoustic, They go about life, their eyes filled with Black and White , And here I stand, Grey clouds in my sight, The time of day does not change, for the clouds are everlasting, It’s all really strange, like an improper casting, I thought I was alone, in my difference, My suffering and pain, and all their ignorance, Yet here you stand, beside me holding my hand, Shining brightly, holding on so tightly, As if you knew my smile, my style, Was a mask of my pain, my past in my brain, Your colors battered by the rain, running off of you looking to stain, You look at me with those bright and beautiful eyes,

Requests Anyone?

  Hello! As promised like, a bit ago, here is somwhere where you guys can make requests! Though, please note that these take time, and if you do make a request, that I will need a bit of detail of what you want. So, to make it easy for everyone, below is a template that will help with making a request :D 

Short Story Cont. - Inspirational Quid Pro Quo (Part 2)

Part Two! Hope you guys like it. ^w^ Ugh. Being a 19-year-old deputy is difficult. No, it's not the paperwork, nor is it the hours. Well, maybe the hours are part of my predicament, considering the fact that I already have difficulty sleeping. But the problem is the constant favors I have to attend to, as well as the errands I have to run which often take me all over the city. My mother isn't too fond of it either. I often find myself asking my father to lend me his fastest colt, Conan, to get to the other side to town quickly. The poor horse must be tired of my antics. At least he enjoys the high-quality fruits and veggies we give as rewards, otherwise I'm sure he'd kick me as soon as I get near him.  I was on my way to work one day, when I saw a flyer for an art showing at the Echo's Jubilee Art Gallery.  That was the day I met Them . The Artist .  They offered a way to achieve my dream of being an author, in exchange for inspiration and ideas for their artwork. T

The Room I Met You In

My world is a lot like yours. The only difference is when you meet someone new for the first time, a room is created. It’s a room only for the two of you. The only thing that is the same about all of these rooms is that they start out blank. There are only white walls, floors, and ceiling. With one single light in the middle. But the more you do with that person the room will start to change so that no two rooms are exactly the same. This is the room I met you in.      One of the rooms that I can remember is the room I have with my mother. It has changed over time as things have come and gone. Instead of couches there is a huge pile of soft pillows in front of a TV. We would often jump into the pile rough house, snuggle, watch TV, have pillow fights and make pillow forts. Once we are done we cuddle up and look out of this humongous window that goes from floor to ceiling. Sometimes it’s a bright sunny day and we cloud watch or when it’s raining we burrow inside our pile and listen to th

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 Hello Readers! I just wanted to tell you guys that we are working on new chapters for Four Crescent Moons and new stories that will be coming out soon. We hope you're all staying safe and are having a great time! Leave comments and we'll see you soon!

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New Story! - A Freak's Dark Secret

 New Story! Post a comment if you want to read more! “Hey, nerd.”   The boy looked up, his dark fluffy hair shading his eyes as someone walks up to him. “Drawing again? Ooh, and is that another song you’re writing? Lemme see that.” His upperclassman snatches his notebook away from him, knocking his pencil out of his hand. The boy leans over and picks it up, getting up. Standing at about 5’4”, his upperclassman practically towered over him at a staggering 6’1”. Being in high school at one of the most prestigious schools in the country wasn’t exactly as great as he thought it would be. “Great drawing, and great song too, though it’s missing a few verses. Mind if I walk you home?” The boy shakes his head, taking the notebook back from his fellow schoolmate. “Great! See ya at the gates then, Chase .” says his upperclassman, sending a cold shiver down his spine, a stray tear running down his cheek as he watches his tan-ish classmate walk away.    Later, as Chase is walking down the hall to

Four Crescent Moons (A Wings of Fire Fanfiction)

~ Here's The Teaser! ~ "Hey freak, wake up."         Crescent opened one eye and sighed, ' Better wake up before he smacks me with his tail again'.   He sits up and blinks sleepily, letting out a quiet yawn. Dusk, the dragonet who woke him up, gives Crescent an amused look. "Come on, I'm bored." He turns around and walks a few steps before turning back to see Crescent rub his eyes and stand up, following him. They walk to a clearing near the village and close to the river. As soon as they reach the edge of the water, Dusk grabs Crescent by the horns and shoves him in with a large splash. Crescent resurfaces, padding over to the shore only to be shoved under the water again. He would've drowned, had he not been part seawing. Click Here To Read The Whole Story!

Ghosted: Part 1

  Clara was running down the stone path to school. She was running late again and if she didn’t get to class on time she’d be in BIG trouble. Her blackish-blue hair twirled in the air as she ran as fast as her legs would let her. Up ahead she saw her best friend Grace and two of her other friends up ahead of the trial. “Hey guys! Wait!” She ran up to her friends to hear Grace sniffling and crying. “Grace…” She had gone to her side but then was quickly pushed out of the way by her friends. “Hey!” She exclaimed. As if they didn’t listen to her they kept walking by Grace's side. Clara’s amber eyes saddened as she slowed to a stop. Why did she ignore me? She shook her head from the thought. She might just be having a bad day. I’ll talk to her tomorrow.           She made it to class just in time. The room was filled with kids talking and messing around but one thing that kind of bothered her was that no one paid any attention to her. It was as if she wasn’t there at all. She slumped in

Short Story - Inspirational Quid Pro Quo

     As I’m walking down the streets of downtown, I finally find what I was looking for. The Art Gallery. Many different kinds of beautiful paintings filled the walls, but as I reached the end of the aisle, one particular work of art caught my eye. You see, I’ve always loved art, music, science, anything where you could use your imagination and put it to reality. But the one thing I’ve loved most of all, is books. Science fiction, Horror, Thriller, Drama, Fantasy. Though, here where I live, books are rare, and if on sale, there’s no doubt they’re very expensive. And with my current pay and wage, as a fourteen-year-old minor, I cannot afford such wares. I love to write my own literature as well, but I cannot use up too much parchment, as it is a crucial material for my current job as an assistant for the police agency and is quite pricey. As I walk up to the painting, I am able to see the work clearly, the strokes, the technique, the type of paint and colors. I stand there wondering h

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