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Ghosted: Part 1

  Clara was running down the stone path to school. She was running late again and if she didn’t get to class on time she’d be in BIG trouble. Her blackish-blue hair twirled in the air as she ran as fast as her legs would let her. Up ahead she saw her best friend Grace and two of her other friends up ahead of the trial. “Hey guys! Wait!” She ran up to her friends to hear Grace sniffling and crying. “Grace…” She had gone to her side but then was quickly pushed out of the way by her friends. “Hey!” She exclaimed. As if they didn’t listen to her they kept walking by Grace's side. Clara’s amber eyes saddened as she slowed to a stop. Why did she ignore me? She shook her head from the thought. She might just be having a bad day. I’ll talk to her tomorrow.           She made it to class just in time. The room was filled with kids talking and messing around but one thing that kind of bothered her was that no one paid any attention to her. It was as if she wasn’t there at all. She slumped in

Short Story - Inspirational Quid Pro Quo

     As I’m walking down the streets of downtown, I finally find what I was looking for. The Art Gallery. Many different kinds of beautiful paintings filled the walls, but as I reached the end of the aisle, one particular work of art caught my eye. You see, I’ve always loved art, music, science, anything where you could use your imagination and put it to reality. But the one thing I’ve loved most of all, is books. Science fiction, Horror, Thriller, Drama, Fantasy. Though, here where I live, books are rare, and if on sale, there’s no doubt they’re very expensive. And with my current pay and wage, as a fourteen-year-old minor, I cannot afford such wares. I love to write my own literature as well, but I cannot use up too much parchment, as it is a crucial material for my current job as an assistant for the police agency and is quite pricey. As I walk up to the painting, I am able to see the work clearly, the strokes, the technique, the type of paint and colors. I stand there wondering h