Short Story - Inspirational Quid Pro Quo

     As I’m walking down the streets of downtown, I finally find what I was looking for. The Art Gallery. Many different kinds of beautiful paintings filled the walls, but as I reached the end of the aisle, one particular work of art caught my eye. You see, I’ve always loved art, music, science, anything where you could use your imagination and put it to reality. But the one thing I’ve loved most of all, is books. Science fiction, Horror, Thriller, Drama, Fantasy. Though, here where I live, books are rare, and if on sale, there’s no doubt they’re very expensive. And with my current pay and wage, as a fourteen-year-old minor, I cannot afford such wares. I love to write my own literature as well, but I cannot use up too much parchment, as it is a crucial material for my current job as an assistant for the police agency and is quite pricey. As I walk up to the painting, I am able to see the work clearly, the strokes, the technique, the type of paint and colors. I stand there wondering how the artist could have gotten such colors, and the brush strokes seem smooth, too smooth for a normal paint brush. “Don’t you think I may have put a little too much cerulean there?” I hear a voice say next to me. I look up and see them, the artist, in formal wear, though still casual in a way. “P-Pardon me?” I ask, they ask me again with a smile. “That spot there, do you think I should have used a different color?” I look at the painting once more, and ponder for a moment before replying. “If it were me, I might have used a bit of a lime green, or forest haze. But I think by using the blue, it isn’t too much, nor is it too little. It is amazing and wondrous either way. If I may ask, what is the message or meaning of this painting of yours?” They chuckle, seemingly amused by my commentary. “Well, I'm actually not entirely sure myself. I assume it depends on the person and their thought process. You seem quite informed in your knowledge of art. Why don’t you help me with my next piece?” I turn to them, eyes practically sparkling as I smile the biggest smile. “Really?” They nod and take a paper out of their pocket, handing it to me. “These are my ideas for what to paint next, but I’m not sure which one to pick and I cannot seem to find inspiration. You seem to be full of creativity and I hope you will help inspire me with those ideas of yours. I’ll even help you with your own hobby if you have one.” I nod and shake their hand, “Yes! I will help you with whatever you need.” They smile, “What is your hobby, if I may ask?” “Writing, I love books and literature and have always wanted to write one of my own, though I have little material to part with.” They nod and give me a kind smile, “An author it is then.” We talk for a little while longer until it is almost time for me to leave and say our goodbyes. As I walk home, many different ideas for stories and what they should paint next flow through my mind in a flurry. I’ve found my chance to make my dreams come true! Oh, how I can’t wait to start!

...To be continued...


  1. Beautiful piece. Very well written! I hope there is a second part to this story and we find out how they helped inspire each other. Like in real life, we find inspiration from the people around us: family, friends, coworkers and even strangers. Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Truly creative and beautiful. I love the amount of detail that gives the reader a better sense of the setting and more about the main character. I hope to see the next part soon. :)


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