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Gray - A Poem Inspired by the movie/book "The School for Good & Evil"

    Gray (Inspired by the School for Good & Evil) Simple life may seem bare, With all the farm and drunks and hay, But not all these stories are fair, For the books you read have more to say, Beyond these dreams of love and fate, Lies a dark and powerful lust and spite, Though Evil is meant to kill and hate, Good can twist and turn and learn to fight, Both have potential to be equal together, To learn to love, to hate, to understand, Without promises of Heavens and Nether, All you need is to take my hand,  "No!" Said thee, "To hate and to loathe is my nature, And to hope I will one day be free, Of this turmoil and self hatred and constant torture!" "But we can free you, my dear, Of this trouble you face, But you must be willing to listen and hear, And calm thyself, sloweth thy pace." The promise of freedom and promise of death, Neither can be trusted, for neither are available without consequence,  Save your energy and save your breath, Everyone is str