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Grey by Nathaniel Krow

Grey, a reflection of my feelings today. Smile, it’s the only thing you can do for a while, And it’s like they say, “It’s Scary, What A Smile Can Hide,” Because it’s true, believe what you may, A grin is as deceitful, as a turning tide, These feelings I have, will never disappear, For the problems I face, are always here, I play by ear, but not just in music, But even then, it’s not all acoustic, They go about life, their eyes filled with Black and White , And here I stand, Grey clouds in my sight, The time of day does not change, for the clouds are everlasting, It’s all really strange, like an improper casting, I thought I was alone, in my difference, My suffering and pain, and all their ignorance, Yet here you stand, beside me holding my hand, Shining brightly, holding on so tightly, As if you knew my smile, my style, Was a mask of my pain, my past in my brain, Your colors battered by the rain, running off of you looking to stain, You look at me with those bright and beautiful eyes,

Requests Anyone?

  Hello! As promised like, a bit ago, here is somwhere where you guys can make requests! Though, please note that these take time, and if you do make a request, that I will need a bit of detail of what you want. So, to make it easy for everyone, below is a template that will help with making a request :D 

Short Story Cont. - Inspirational Quid Pro Quo (Part 2)

Part Two! Hope you guys like it. ^w^ Ugh. Being a 19-year-old deputy is difficult. No, it's not the paperwork, nor is it the hours. Well, maybe the hours are part of my predicament, considering the fact that I already have difficulty sleeping. But the problem is the constant favors I have to attend to, as well as the errands I have to run which often take me all over the city. My mother isn't too fond of it either. I often find myself asking my father to lend me his fastest colt, Conan, to get to the other side to town quickly. The poor horse must be tired of my antics. At least he enjoys the high-quality fruits and veggies we give as rewards, otherwise I'm sure he'd kick me as soon as I get near him.  I was on my way to work one day, when I saw a flyer for an art showing at the Echo's Jubilee Art Gallery.  That was the day I met Them . The Artist .  They offered a way to achieve my dream of being an author, in exchange for inspiration and ideas for their artwork. T