Short Story Cont. - Inspirational Quid Pro Quo (Part 2)

Part Two! Hope you guys like it. ^w^


Being a 19-year-old deputy is difficult. No, it's not the paperwork, nor is it the hours. Well, maybe the hours are part of my predicament, considering the fact that I already have difficulty sleeping. But the problem is the constant favors I have to attend to, as well as the errands I have to run which often take me all over the city. My mother isn't too fond of it either. I often find myself asking my father to lend me his fastest colt, Conan, to get to the other side to town quickly. The poor horse must be tired of my antics. At least he enjoys the high-quality fruits and veggies we give as rewards, otherwise I'm sure he'd kick me as soon as I get near him. 

I was on my way to work one day, when I saw a flyer for an art showing at the Echo's Jubilee Art Gallery. 

That was the day I met Them. The Artist

They offered a way to achieve my dream of being an author, in exchange for inspiration and ideas for their artwork. Turns out they love writing as well! They've even published their own novel already! Oh, how I would love to read it! But alas, I'm fluent in the language of "I lack sufficient funds to enthrall myself in privileges such as these." I haven't seen Them since the art showing.

That was five years ago.

~ Present ~

I woke up in a cold sweat, having had a terrible nightmare. Shrugging off the lingering feeling of anxiety and fear, I sat up to turn on the bedside lamp, hearing a thud next to my foot. It was the book I was reading before I fell into my nervous slumber. Maybe I shouldn't've read such a creepy horror tale before bed. Well, finally getting up, I drag myself to the bathroom, passing the grandfather clock in the hallway.

The clock.

I turn back around to check the time, but...

I'm so, so, late.

I immediately rush into the bathroom to fix myself before racing back into my bedroom to get dressed. Once I was finished putting on my shoes, I scampered past the kitchen, only stopping to quickly snatch an apple and darting out the door. Taking Conan, I managed to make it to the station in time before I was stopped by one of the officers. He must've been new, considering that I'd never seen him here before. He seems young, not much older than I am.

"Halt! Where do you think you're going in such a hurry?" He called from where he stood, the sound of the construction nearby nearly drowning him out. "I'm heading into the building I work in. What are you doing, sir?" I retort, slightly annoyed by the authority this rookie seems to think he has. The 'rookie' stiffened, not expecting attitude from someone who looks like a simple civilian. "Doing, my job. Why are you late?" I chuckle, "I have work to do, so if you'll excuse me, I'm heading inside. Those papers aren't going to check themselves."

He huffs, stepping aside and letting me into the gate. I set Conan in the stables and finally walk up to the door, before I turn around to the officer. "Oh, and by the way, I been here for six years. You just started, right? I promoted to deputy just last week."

His eyes widened, stuttering, before I simply turned and walked inside. 

~~~-------- ♠ --------~~~

 I wasn't far down the hallway when I was greeted by my co-worker, Remy. "Hey, have you seen Grey? He hasn't shown up all week." I look at her, confused. "Really? I thought I saw him yesterday." She shook her head. "He didn't come in at all these past few days since he was sent on that investigation near Gallow's Grove, and Morgan said he'd been searching for hours and never saw Grey leave with his mare. She might still be there, the poor girl. There's been no sign of him anywhere."

I stood there for a good twelve seconds, letting the information sink in. Remy's calling my name and waving her hand in my face, but all I can register is the fact that one of my best friends disappeared. How did I not notice? How did I not know he was missing. For a week! Finally, I snapped back to the present, just before I felt a sharp pain on my cheek, followed by being vigorously shaken by the shoulders. "Hey! Are you alright?? Answer me dammit!" I push Remy's arms away, and look up at her. Yes. Up. Since she's like 198cm tall (6'6" for you freedom-users.)  Not to mention well built, but gentle. Alas, she was my best friend. "I'm fine. I just- dammit how did I not know he was gone?" She looks at me with concern. "Have you been sleeping well? Or have you been writing past your bedtime again?" I just roll my eyes and look away, arms crossed. "I'm not a kid anymore, Remy. I can take care of myself." She snorts, "Apparently not, sweetheart, because you look like you haven't slept since the dawn of time." I chuckle and turn to walk past her. "Alright, alright. I'm busted. But I'm going down to Gallow's Grove to take a look. We need to find Grey, before he's reported dead." Remy steps in front of me, placing a hand on my chest to stop me. "Don't you have a meeting with that Artist of yours? They might be able to help. Plus, they've been coming by the past week to ask about you, though you're never here when they do."

Another thing I forgot to mention. They'd sent me a letter a week ago, asking to meet me.


Ugh, why do I only forget things that are important?!

Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. But here's a Part Two of Inspirational Quid Pro Quo! I hope you like it, and I'll try to update again soon. Maybe. Once I write a couple chapters in advance so that I don't leave you guys hangin like this again. :') But anyway, if you do want a third part, then comment down below! Subscribe! I'll make a post where you guys can leave requests and stuff in a minute too! Stay safe, and most importantly, Stay Creative! :D


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