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Four Crescent Moons (A Wings of Fire Fanfiction)

~ Here's The Teaser! ~ "Hey freak, wake up."         Crescent opened one eye and sighed, ' Better wake up before he smacks me with his tail again'.   He sits up and blinks sleepily, letting out a quiet yawn. Dusk, the dragonet who woke him up, gives Crescent an amused look. "Come on, I'm bored." He turns around and walks a few steps before turning back to see Crescent rub his eyes and stand up, following him. They walk to a clearing near the village and close to the river. As soon as they reach the edge of the water, Dusk grabs Crescent by the horns and shoves him in with a large splash. Crescent resurfaces, padding over to the shore only to be shoved under the water again. He would've drowned, had he not been part seawing. Click Here To Read The Whole Story!