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The Room I Met You In

My world is a lot like yours. The only difference is when you meet someone new for the first time, a room is created. It’s a room only for the two of you. The only thing that is the same about all of these rooms is that they start out blank. There are only white walls, floors, and ceiling. With one single light in the middle. But the more you do with that person the room will start to change so that no two rooms are exactly the same. This is the room I met you in.      One of the rooms that I can remember is the room I have with my mother. It has changed over time as things have come and gone. Instead of couches there is a huge pile of soft pillows in front of a TV. We would often jump into the pile rough house, snuggle, watch TV, have pillow fights and make pillow forts. Once we are done we cuddle up and look out of this humongous window that goes from floor to ceiling. Sometimes it’s a bright sunny day and we cloud watch or when it’s raining we burrow inside our pile and listen to th