Requests Anyone?


Hello! As promised like, a bit ago, here is somwhere where you guys can make requests!

Though, please note that these take time, and if you do make a request, that I will need a bit of detail of what you want. So, to make it easy for everyone, below is a template that will help with making a request :D 

[Genre/Type of story (ex. Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life, reader insert, etc.)]

[character tropes/relationships if you want a specific relationship between characters (you can request already existing characters from my other posts or even add your own OCs but please specify personality and appearance, it plays a huge part in writing) {or existing characters from anime, games or shows/movies if I know what it is lol - like FNaF, MHA, HAIKYUU!!, KNY, TBHK, etc.}]


[details of plot and/or storyline, or just bits and pieces so that I can try to fill in the rest]

 [any additional information for the story and/or characters you want]


  • Please keep all requests appropriate, (no smut or lemon or anything like it, because one, i suck at writing that stuff, and two, I will not write it, because i'm trying to keep this as young-teen-friendly as possible. ALTHOUGH, gore and blood is fine and will be noted as a Trigger Warning in the title as [E], short for explicit, so please pay attention to that if you don't like that stuff.)
  • PLEASE, do not reveal any personal information about yourself here, for the internet is a dangerous place, and sorry not sorry, I don't wanna know a stranger's personal information
  • Please respect the things I have said here, for I will not tolerate any rude or negative comments and please respect everyone's boundaries as well as my own
 Don't be afraid to ask questions either! If there's anything you'd like me to clarify, or ask about something I haven't added here, then feel free. But do understand that writing these do take time so I might be taking longer to some requests.

Other than that, stay safe, follow the rules, and Stay Creative! :L


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