Grey by Nathaniel Krow

Grey, a reflection of my feelings today.

Smile, it’s the only thing you can do for a while,

And it’s like they say,

“It’s Scary, What A Smile Can Hide,”

Because it’s true, believe what you may,

A grin is as deceitful, as a turning tide,

These feelings I have, will never disappear,

For the problems I face, are always here,

I play by ear, but not just in music,

But even then, it’s not all acoustic,

They go about life, their eyes filled with Black and White ,

And here I stand, Grey clouds in my sight,

The time of day does not change, for the clouds are everlasting,

It’s all really strange, like an improper casting,

I thought I was alone, in my difference,

My suffering and pain, and all their ignorance,

Yet here you stand, beside me holding my hand,

Shining brightly, holding on so tightly,

As if you knew my smile, my style,

Was a mask of my pain, my past in my brain,

Your colors battered by the rain, running off of you looking to stain,

You look at me with those bright and beautiful eyes,

Knowing that my smile is just a disguise,

Encouraging me to follow you to where all the colors are,

In hopes of saving me before my last hour,

I want to believe you, I really do,

But even I can see, the scars behind your eyes and underneath your sleeve,

Nothing is perfect, in this world of neglect,

Where the colors do not blend, with the shades they offend,

Yet knowing pain, both mine and your own,

You don’t hide, nor deny,

I wanna be like you one day,

But right now,

All I see is Grey.


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