Ghosted: Part 1

 Clara was running down the stone path to school. She was running late again and if she didn’t get to class on time she’d be in BIG trouble. Her blackish-blue hair twirled in the air as she ran as fast as her legs would let her. Up ahead she saw her best friend Grace and two of her other friends up ahead of the trial. “Hey guys! Wait!” She ran up to her friends to hear Grace sniffling and crying. “Grace…” She had gone to her side but then was quickly pushed out of the way by her friends. “Hey!” She exclaimed. As if they didn’t listen to her they kept walking by Grace's side. Clara’s amber eyes saddened as she slowed to a stop. Why did she ignore me? She shook her head from the thought. She might just be having a bad day. I’ll talk to her tomorrow.    

    She made it to class just in time. The room was filled with kids talking and messing around but one thing that kind of bothered her was that no one paid any attention to her. It was as if she wasn’t there at all. She slumped in her seat and noticed flowers on her desk. Her face brightened at them. Who left me flowers!?  Her eyes glanced at everyone in the room. That’s weird. She looked back at the flowers and smiled. It's nice though. She grabbed them and put them neatly in the pocket of her back pack. She waited to hear her name come up during the role call but never came. Really? This too!? Ugh.  “Stone Kazaki?” A hand was raised lazily in the air. “Here.” mumbled a soft but deep voice. Murmurs filled the room. “Ugh, it’s the transfer student.”, “he’s always out of dress code too.” she glanced over at the kid sitting there. He had long brown bangs that covered his eyes and he wore a black beanie. He had a black hoodie that had grey pieces of cloth stitched onto it in a few places. She wasn’t going to lie though. That was an odd last name for a first name. He didn’t even have an accent.  But she wasn’t one to judge. He turned his head towards her and she jumped. She quickly averted eye contact knowing that she was staring way to long for comfort. That was awkward!  Half of her wanted to leap across the room and apologize but she knew that’d make it worse. She sighed and before she knew it, class began.

    For the whole class she got ignored even by her teacher. When she would raise her hand she would never get called on. She left a note saying ‘ Please call my name in role call. -Clara.’ Saying the teacher was on her lunch break. She walked out of the classroom and was heading back home. She went down her usual trail when she heard the low growl of an animal. Clara’s head flipped around to see what looked like a dog. Her head beaded with sweat. “Easy buddy.” she started backing up away from the dog. Though it started slowly approaching. Run!  Her mind screamed at her but her legs weren’t moving. She then felt a firm hand grab hers and pull her into running. She looked up, confused, to see the kid from earlier. That’s the boy I kept staring at! Great!  She was so deep in her thoughts that she hadn’t noticed they were both in a different part of her neighborhood. Where are we? The boy let go of her hand then climbed on top of the stone brick wall. He gave her his hand and she grabbed it. He helped her climb up and stare down at the dog barking at them. They both sat there for a long moment of silence to catch their breath. But then. “Your Clara, right?” She jumped at the sound of his voice. Now that she thought about it, he was the only person that regarded her all day. Even if it was just a glance. Well that was also because she was staring but she shrugged that part off. “Yeah! And your…” What was his name again? I swear I’m a terrible person! Wait… He opened his mouth to finish the sentence and was quickly interrupted. “Stone! Right?” He had a disappointed expression but tried to conceal it. “Stone is my last name, but it works I guess.” She nodded and they both sat there for another awkward silence. Wait! I forgot to thank him for helping me. You idiot!  “Thank you!” She boomed. He was shocked at her amount of volume and burst from out of nowhere. “Uhh... your welcome?” He jumped off on the other side of the wall and offered to help her down. However, she insisted that she could do it herself. She jumped off and landed in the mud, to not only make herself dirty but to slip and fall face first. She knew she should’ve just taken his offer. He sighed and helped her up. “Are you ok?” She groaned in pain and rubbed her nose. “Yeah. I’m fine. Thanks.” 


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