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Noelani Reynolds & Elijah Miller - (Based on a true story)

 (Author's note: not all events or interactions are canon. They are simply there to add detail and to show the dynamic between the characters.)  Let me start from the beginning… There was this boy I'd met as a kid, when I was old enough to know that my parents weren’t doing so well, but not enough to understand why they always brought over my dad’s friends’ son. I never really understood why we saw him so often yet so little. We usually had to hang out around the parents, and sometimes I would try to be nice and invite him into my room to play. Eventually, I began to notice that he usually came over when my parents were fighting, and would stop talking to each other for the rest of the week. I knew they had issues, but as a child I’d never known how bad it was. The relationship between Theo Miller and Vannessa Robinson was rocky at best.  At some point I noticed that he wasn’t around as often, and only came over around the holidays. I hadn’t thought about it much before, but I