Four Crescent Moons - Chapter One


 ~ Chapter One ~

"Hey freak, wake up."

        Crescent opened one eye and sighed, 'Better wake up before he smacks me with his tail again'.  He sits up and blinks sleepily, letting out a quiet yawn. Dusk, the dragonet who woke him up, gives Crescent an amused look. "Come on, I'm bored." He turns around and walks a few steps before turning back to see Crescent rub his eyes and stand up, following him. They walk to a clearing near the village and close to the river. As soon as they reach the edge of the water, Dusk grabs Crescent by the horns and shoves him in with a large splash. Crescent resurfaces, padding over to the shore only to be shoved under the water again. He would've drowned, had he not been part seawing.

        Yes, there are hybrids all over Pyrrhia now. But Crescent wasn't just a hybrid, he was a multi-brid. Born of all the tribes on Pyrrhia. It's said to be impossible, but here he is, in the scales. Even though he just looks like a Nightwing/Sandwing hybrid.  So being part seawing, he can also breath underwater. Dusk brings him back up and drags him onto the shore, "You awake now, freak?" Crescent looks up at him from the floor and nods, eyes wide open and alert. They've been doing this since they were newly hatched. Dusk gets the satisfaction of potentially drowning him, and Crescent gets fully woken up by the cool feeling of the water. Dusk shoves him, sending him rolling away covered in mud. Crescent sits up, shaking the mud from his face. "So you like the mud too, huh? Damn freak."  Crescent stands up and walks into the water, washing off the mud and grime. 'Today's the day. I have to get out of here. Maybe while we're heading to Midnight's place. ' Crescent thought of a way to get away as they approached the village. It's fairly small, with only about 27 residents.

        When they start to get close to a couple houses, Crescent slips away and heads back to his home, collecting the few things he needs. He spots a small stuffed grizzly bear in the corner of his eye and picks it up. It's missing an eye and  is a bit flat, as he's had it for as long as he can remember. He stuffs it in a bag and throws it onto his tail, peeking out the door. When the coast is clear, he slips out and runs into the trees, concealing him from the rest of the village. As he flies through the trees, he hears the  snap of a branch near him. A moment later, something crashes into him and he tumbles to the ground, finding Dusk sitting  on top of him.  "Where do you think you're going, sloth dung?" snarls the dark Nightwing/Rainwing hybrid. Crescent wriggles a little, trying to  escape his bully's grip but it only makes Dusk growl, "Don't make me bite you, freak." Crescent winces and sighs, 'It's no use. He'll only keep finding me. Unless...'  Crescent huffs, blowing smoke in Dusk's face and making him cough and sputter, letting go of the so-called  "Four Moon Freak". Crescent scrambles over to his bag and takes off, only to be caught once again by Dusk and sending them tumbling into the clearing they were once in not an hour ago.

        Dusk pounces onto Crescent a bites him in the neck, earning a yelp from the poor dragonet. Crescent falls to the ground, panting heavily and feeling dizzy and nauseous from the venom. He crawls over to a nearby rock and vomits, feeling his throat start to burn and his ears ring. "Doesn't feel nice does it, Crescent?" He flinches, 'He hasn't called me that in forever. Why did he say my name? ' He dunks his face into the water to wash away anything on his face and turns around to see Dusk staring at him. "W-" he hesitates. He hasn't said a word in six years, making it a bit difficult to speak. "What did you j-just say?" he manages to say, earning a slightly shocked and confused look from the hybrid. "What? Finally got the scales to speak?" says Dusk. Crescent observes him for moment, 'He doesn't realize he just called me by my real name? ' Dusk walks over to him, causing Crescent to cower behind the rock, his stomach growling and his nose bleeding.

        "You're semi-immune to venom. Interesting." says Dusk, looking slightly intrigued. Crescent gives him a confused look. 'I wonder how he would react if I got too close..' He hears Dusk's open thought, looking a bit scared. Dusk leans forward, "I wonder what else you're immune to. Firescales? Sandwing poison? Animus magic?" Dusk is now half an inch from Crescent's face and gives him a crooked grin. Crescent starts to tremble, eager to escape but he's pinned against the rock with Dusk only centimeters away. Then he feels their snouts touch, and he blushes a bit. "W-What are you d-doing?" He whispers. Dusk smirks and moves away. Crescent just stands there, blushing and confused. The hybrid then leaned forward and licked Crescent's ear before walking away. 'Why do I feel this way? What the hell am I doing?' Another open thought from Dusk is the last thing the Multiwing hears before turning to vomit behind the rock again. When he looks back to Dusk, he finds he's not there anymore. 

                                                          'What just happened? '


Chapter Two 


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