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“Hey, nerd.” 

The boy looked up, his dark fluffy hair shading his eyes as someone walks up to him. “Drawing again? Ooh, and is that another song you’re writing? Lemme see that.” His upperclassman snatches his notebook away from him, knocking his pencil out of his hand. The boy leans over and picks it up, getting up. Standing at about 5’4”, his upperclassman practically towered over him at a staggering 6’1”. Being in high school at one of the most prestigious schools in the country wasn’t exactly as great as he thought it would be. “Great drawing, and great song too, though it’s missing a few verses. Mind if I walk you home?” The boy shakes his head, taking the notebook back from his fellow schoolmate. “Great! See ya at the gates then, Chase.” says his upperclassman, sending a cold shiver down his spine, a stray tear running down his cheek as he watches his tan-ish classmate walk away.  Later, as Chase is walking down the hall to get to lunch, he spots Damion and Damon, the twin pranksters of the 9th ward. Why the 9th ward? Well, it’s rumored that the twins took one of their pranks too far and ended up in a hospital for three years. But, no one knows exactly what they did. Part of the mystery, maybe. Chase quickly rounds the corner in an attempt to avoid them, but no luck when he hears them call his name. Well, not his real name, but by his... nickname. “Ey Vlad! ‘Sup dude! Where’re ya goin’?” says Damon. “Yeah, what’s up man?” says Damion as he puts arm across Chase’s shoulders, his arm dangling and fidgeting with the zipper of his hoodie as they walk. But Chase knows, no matter what anyone says or does, he knows he Must. Not. Speak. Even if he really wants to. Though he never does. Still, he knows that if he doesn’t answer them, they’ll start to pry. ‘Just like everyone else has.’

    He takes out a small notepad from his pocket, pulls a pen from his beanie and scribes something on the paper.


 Just heading to the cafeteria to get some lunch.

What about you?  


    “Oh nothin’ much. Just lookin’ for the best person to.. Well, you know.” says Damion. “Can’t snitch if 

we haven’t told what we’re truly up to, can ya?” says Damon. ‘Those sneaky jerks. C’mon, think Chase. How are you going to get out of this?’ The twins chuckle, “And before you think of walking away, we need you for something. Care to join us on a little adventure, Vlad?” 

‘No! I can’t keep getting in trouble for the things they’ve done! What do I do now?!’


Want More? Comment below if you do! if there's enough of 'em, I'll start working on it! 


  1. Yes. I'd like to see more ( this is super late but we are gonna ignore that)


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