Lake of Regrets by Nathaniel Krow

 There will be hard times,

Depression and disaster,

But listen to the wind chimes,

And time will fly faster,

We all need someone’s help,

A comforting shoulder to cry on,

Someone to hear our yelp,

From the depths of our colorless pond.

A lake where all our fears reside,

A place where there is nowhere to hide,

A chain, rope, a string that is tied,

A place where we all have cried,

The nightmares we have of the monsters we fear,

The dark depictions and deaths of those so dear,

Heartpounding terrors and Abandonment of Time,

The loss of trust and knowledge of our crimes,

Nothing will ever be easy,

In this place of discord,

This life of regret,

But all we need is friends, lovers,

A way to feel safe and push on.


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