Your Soul of Paradise by Nathaniel Krow

 It’s raining today,

Hope you’re doing okay,

In that friendly home of yours,

Or that aura you carry where it never pours,

The calming river you are,

The flowers that never wither,

Springtime sweetness and Sunshine smile,

The heat from my heart pounding, running a mile,

Leaves fall in the Autumn breeze,

Cool shadows form as the clouds shed their tears,

Gentle stream singing to the sky,

As storms cry and I shiver in the cold,

Winter’s stars and bright Moon,

Dancing constellations calm my anxiety,

Lullabies sung to me by the whispering wind,

Rays of loving light soothing my pain,

The seasons so fun with You,

All singing about your caring smile and gentle eyes,

This place I rest in, lost in thoughts about you,

Your distinct scent and embrace bringing me here,

To the Island of Paradise you are,

A place where we never have to worry,

About time or pain,

Your light carries the darkness away,

Embracing it in understanding,

Turning hurt and stain,

Into wind and rain,

Where the scars of our pain,

Are only whispers in our domain,

It really is what they say,

“Welcome to Paradise.”


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